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Song Artist Year Notes
Razor Foo Fighters (Grohl, Dave Of Nirvana) 2005
Razor Blade Strokes 2006 Written by Casablancas, Julian.
Another Man's Hair On My Razor Paupers (Prokop, Skip Of Lighthouse) 1968
Hell Razor (Previously Unreleased) 2Pac 1997
Razor's Edge AC/DC 1990 Written by Young, Angus & Young, Malcolm.
Razor's Edge Angels AKA Angel City 1984
Razor's Edge Cry (Fox, Kimball AKA Berly, Kim Of The Stampeders) 1980 Written by MacPherson, Robo.
Razor's Edge Saliva 2004
Razorblade Blue October 2003
Razorblades Story Of The Year 2003 Written by Story Of The Year.
Razorblades & Bandaides Econoline Crush 1997
Razors In The Air Kingston Trio 1961
   1 |   Songs: 12