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Song Artist Year Notes
Leave It Yes 1983 Written by Squire, Chris & Rabin, Trevor & Horn, Trevor.
Leave It All Behind Immigrants 1998
Leave It Alone Firefall 1980 Written by Bartley, Jock.
Leave It Behind Offspring 1997
Leave It Inside Lightman, Toby 2004
Leave It There Odds 1996
Leave It To Me Shaggy Featuring Brian & Gold, Tony 2000
Like It Or Leave It Aly & AJ 2007
Take It Or Leave It Barbarians 1965 Written by Morris, Doug.
Take It Or Leave It Brownsville Station 1973 Written by Cardell, H.
Take It Or Leave It Carmen, Eric (Raspberries) 1977 Written by Carmen, Eric.
Take It Or Leave It Foghat 1975 Written by Jameson, Nick & Peverett, Dave.
Take It Or Leave It Jet 2003 Written by Cester, Nic & Muncey, Cam.
Take It Or Leave It Prism 1979 Written by Higgs, Rodney AKA Vallance, Jim.
Take It Or Leave It Runaways 1977 Written by Jett, Joan.
Take It Or Leave It Strokes 2001 Written by Casablancas, Julian.
Can't Leave It Alone Hyper Static Union 2006
Don't Leave It To Nature Sharkey, Feargal (Undertones) 1985
Lubbock Or Leave It Dixie Chicks 2006
That's It For The Other One (IV) We Leave The Castle Grateful Dead 1968
   1 |   Songs: 20