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Song Artist Year Notes
Last Song All-American Rejects 2002 Written by All-American Rejects.
Last Song Edward Bear 1973 Written by Evoy, Larry.
Last Song Foo Fighters (Grohl, Dave Of Nirvana) 2005
Last Song matt pond PA 2004
Last Song McFly 2008
Last Song Rihanna 2009
Last Song Sevendust 2005
Last Song Theory Of A Deadman 2002
Last Song (Love Needs To Be Loved) Seger, Bob System 1969
Last Song Of Maddie Hope Kinney, Kevn (Drivin N Cryin) 1990 Written by Kinney, Kevn.
Last Song On Side B Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch 1991
Our Last Song Together Donaldson, Bo & The Heywoods 1975
Our Last Song Together Sedaka, Neil 1974 Written by Sedaka, Neil & Greenfield, Howard.
Last Cowboy Song Highwaymen (Cash, Johnny & Jennings, Waylon & Kristofferson, Kris & Nelson, Willie) 1985
Let The Song Last Forever Hill, Dan 1978 Written by Hill, Dan & Mann, Barry.
Lizard: Battle Of Glass Tears (Including Dawn Song & Last Skirmish & Prince Rupert's Lament) King Crimson 1970 Written by Fripp, Robert & Sinfield, Peter.
Very Last Country Song Sugarland 2008
   1 |   Songs: 17