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Song Artist Year Notes
Lady Adam & The Ants 1978 Written by Ant, Adam.
Lady City (King, Carole & Gordon, Jim Of Derek & The Dominos) 1969 Written by Goffin, Gerry & King, Carole.
Lady D'Angelo 1995 Written by D'Angelo & Saadiq, Raphael.
Lady Free 1973
Lady Kravitz, Lenny 2004
Lady Leigh Ashford 1971 Written by Waszek, Gord & Shearman, Buzz.
Lady Little River Band 1978 Written by Goble, Graham.
Lady O'Neal, Alexander 1993
Lady Rogers, Kenny 1980 Written by Richie, Lionel.
Lady Simply Red 2007 Written by Hucknall, Mick & Holland.
Lady Styx 1973 Written by DeYoung, Dennis.
Lady Supertramp 1975 Written by Hodgson, Roger & Davies, Richard.
Lady Trice, Obie Featuring Eminem 2003
Lady Whispers 1980
Lady, Lady, Lady (From "Flashdance") Esposito, Joe 1983 Written by Moroder, Giorgio & Forsey, Keith.
Lady Lady Joseph, Mark 2004 Written by Joseph, Mark.
Lady Run, Lady Hide April Wine 1973
Lady, Lady Babyface 1993 Written by Edmonds, Kenneth.
Lady & The Rose Los Lobos 2010
Lady (Clean Street Version F / AZ) D'Angelo 1995 Written by D'Angelo & Saadiq, Raphael.
Lady (You Bring Me Up) Commodores 1981
Lady Came From Baltimore Darin, Bobby 1967 Written by Hardin, Tim.
Lady Came From Baltimore Hardin, Tim 1967 Written by Hardin, Tim.
Lady Dada's Nightmare MGMT 2010 Written by VanWyngarden, Andrew & Goldwasser, Ben.
Lady Dub In Crowd 1975
Lady Dujour Gill, Johnny 1990
Lady Ellen Leroy, James & Denim 1974
Lady Friend Byrds 1967 Written by Crosby, David.
Lady From 29 Palms Martin, Freddy & His Orchestra 1947
Lady Fuschia Strawbs 1973 Written by Hudson, Richard & Ford, John.
Lady Gaye Starr, Ringo (The Beatles) 1976
Lady Gotta Place Moka Only (Swollen Members) 2005
Lady Greengrass Ones (Froese, Edgar Of Tangerine Dream) 1966
Lady Grinning Soul Bowie, David 1973 Written by Bowie, David.
Lady Ice Arcadia (Taylor, Roger & Rhodes, Nick & Le Bon, Simon Of Duran Duran) 1985 Written by Rhodes, Nick & Le Bon, Simon.
Lady Ice & Mr Hex Heaven 17 1983
Lady In Black Uriah Heep 1971 Written by Hensley, Ken.
Lady In Question Thunderthighs 1974
Lady In Red De Burgh, Chris 1986 Written by De Burgh, Chris.
Lady Is A Tramp Page, Patti 1956 Written by Hart, Lorenz & Rodgers, Richard.
Lady Is A Tramp Sinatra, Frank 1957 Written by Hart, Lorenz & Rodgers, Richard.
Lady Is A Tramp (Live) Horne, Lena 1981 Written by Hart, Lorenz & Rodgers, Richard.
Lady Is A Vamp Spice Girls 1997
Lady Is Love White, Maurice (Earth, Wind & Fire) 1985
Lady Jane Rolling Stones 1966 Written by Jagger, Mick & Richards, Keith.
Lady Jane Rotary Connection (Riperton, Minnie) 1968
Lady Lies Genesis 1978
Lady Love Dino, Desi & Billy 1970 Written by Hinsche, Billy & Wilson, Brian.
Lady Love Mama Cass Elliot (Mamas & The Papas) 1969 Written by Bramlett, Delaney.
Lady Love Trower, Robin (Paramounts) (Procol Harum) 1974 Written by Dewar, James & Trower, Robin.
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