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Song Artist Year Notes
I Remember You Eurythmics 1986 Written by Lennox, Annie & Stewart, David A.
I Remember You Ifield, Frank 1962
I Remember You Pretenders 1986 Written by Hynde, Chrissie.
I Remember You Ramones 1977 Written by Hyman, Jeff & Cummings, John & Colvin, Douglas & Erdelyi, Thomas.
I Remember You Skid Row 1989 Written by Bolan, Rachel & Sabo, Dave.
I Remember You (From "The Fleet's In") Dorsey, Jimmy Orchestra 1942
Baby I Remember You Tyler, Bonnie 1976
So Strange I Remember You Thrice 2002 Written by Kensrue, Dustin & Teranishi, Teppei & Breckenridge, Riley & Breckenridge, Eddie.
I Remember Holding You Boys Club 1988
I Will Remember You Asia 2008 Written by Wetton, John & Downes, Geoffrey.
I Will Remember You Grant, Amy 1991
I Will Remember You Rogers, Kenny 1999
I Will Remember You (Live) McLachlan, Sarah 1999 Written by McLachlan, Sarah & Egan, Seamus & Merenda, Dave.
Just Remember I Love You Firefall 1977
Please Remember That I Love You Reno, Don & Smiley, Red & The Tennessee Cut-ups 1960
   1 |   Songs: 15