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Song Artist Year Notes
Hold On 22-20s 2004
Hold On Buble, Michael 2009
Hold On Cale, JJ 1976 Written by Cale, JJ.
Hold On Do Me Bad Things 2005
Hold On En Vogue 1990
Hold On Gahan, Dave (Depeche Mode) 2003 Written by Chandler, Knox & Gahan, Dave.
Hold On Gomm, Ian (Brinsley Schwarz) 1979
Hold On Good Charlotte 2002 Written by Madden, Joel & Madden, Benji.
Hold On Green Day 2000 Written by Green Day.
Hold On Jonas Brothers 2007
Hold On Kansas 1980
Hold On McDonald, Shawn 2004 Written by McDonald, Shawn & Stevens, Christopher.
Hold On McLachlan, Sarah 1993 Written by McLachlan, Sarah.
Hold On New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) 1988 Written by Starr, Maurice.
Hold On Nunez, Jose Featuring Octahvia 1999
Hold On Orr, Benjamin (The Cars) 1986 Written by Orr, Benjamin & Page, Diane.
Hold On Osmond, Donny 1989
Hold On Razorlight 2006
Hold On St Eves 1987 Written by Martin, A.
Hold On Thomas, Ian 1981
Hold On Triumph 1979
Hold On Tunstall, KT 2007
Hold On Walters, Jamie 1995
Hold On Wild Cherry 1976 Written by Parissi, Robert.
Hold On Wilson Phillips 1990
Hold On Yes 1983 Written by Rabin, Trevor & Anderson, Jon & Squire, Chris.
Hold On! I'm A Comin' AKA Hold On I'm Coming Sam & Dave 1966 Written by Hayes, Isaac & Porter, David.
Hold On Hold Out Browne, Jackson 1980 Written by Doerge, Craig & Browne, Jackson.
Hold On (Live) McLachlan, Sarah 1999 Written by McLachlan, Sarah.
Hold On (Live) Wilson Phillips 1991
Hold On (Never Give Up, Never Give In) Steppenwolf & Kay, John 1987 Written by Kay, John & Wilk, Michael & Ritchotte, Rocket.
Hold On (Single Version) Pink Fairies 1972 Written by Sanderson, Duncan & Wayne, Mick & Hunter, Russell.
Hold On (The Break) Walk Off The Earth 2015
Hold On (War Child Mix) Spiritualized 2003 From the benefit album "Peace Songs". Written by Pierce, Jason.
Hold On I'm Coming Cummings, Burton (Guess Who) 1978 Written by Hayes, Isaac & Porter, David.
Hold On I'm Coming King, BB & Clapton, Eric 2000 Written by Hayes, Isaac & Porter, David.
Hold On I'm Coming Teddy & The Tigers 1967
Hold On Longer Legend, John 2013
Hold On Loosely 38 Special 1981
Hold On Lovers Myles & Lenny 1974 Written by Cohen, Myles.
Hold On Lovers (Alternate Version) Cohen, Myles (Myles & Lenny) 1978 Alternate version of Myles & Lenny song "Hold On Lovers". Written by Cohen, Myles.
Hold On Me Perry, Joe (Aerosmith) 2005
Hold On My Heart Genesis 1991 Written by Banks, Tony & Collins, Phil & Rutherford, Mike.
Hold On Sister Charlton, John 1997
Hold On Tight Den Harrow 1987
Hold On Tight Spears, Britney 2013
Hold On Tight & Don't Let Go Knack 1979 Written by Fieger, Doug.
Hold On To God Yoakam, Dwight 1988 Written by Yoakam, Dwight.
Hold On To Love Moore, Gary 1983
Hold On To Love Surface 1989 Written by Conley, David & Jackson, Bernard & Townsend, David.
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