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Song Artist Year Notes
Old Man Collectors (Chilliwack) 1967
Old Man Lighthouse 1970 Written by Smith, Larry.
Old Man Love 1967 Written by MacLean, Bryan.
Old Man Poverty Plainsmen 1994
Old Man Stereomud 2001 Written by Lowery, C & Rogers, E & Richardson, D & Zampella, J & Fattoruso, J.
Old Man Wilson Phillips 2004 Written by Young, Neil.
Old Man Young, Neil 1972 Written by Young, Neil.
Old Man ZZ Top 1971 Written by Gibbons, Billy & Hill, Dusty & Beard, Frank.
Old Man & Me Cale, JJ 1974 Written by Cale, JJ.
Old Man & Me (When I Get To Heaven) Hootie & The Blowfish 1996
Old Man (Live 1971) Young, Neil 2007 Solo acoustic performance at Massey Hall, Toronto. Written by Young, Neil.
Old Man Down The Road Fogerty, John (Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR)) 1985
Old Man Going Pretty Things 1968 Written by May, Phil & Taylor, Dick & Waller, Wally Alan & Povey, John & Alder, John.
Old Man Kensey R.E.M. 1985
Old Man Sittin' By The Fire Staggered Crossing 2001
Hej Gamle Man! / Hey Old Man! Bjorn & Benny (Abba) 1970 Recording features all four members of Abba.
Young Man, Old Man Black Crowes 2001
Dirty Old Man Valdy 1978
Little Boy & The Old Man Laine, Frankie & Boyd, Jimmy 1953
Mean Old Man Armatrading, Joan 1972
Mean Old Man Taylor, James 2002 Written by Taylor, James.
My Old Man Atkins, Rodney 2003
My Old Man Dury, Ian 1977 Written by Dury, Ian & Nugent.
My Old Man Mitchell, Joni 1971 Written by Mitchell, Joni.
My Old Man Tonic 1996
Night I Called The Old Man Out Brooks, Garth 1993
Television Medley: Tortured Old Man Cheech & Chong (Chong, Tommy) 1972 Written by Chong, Tommy & Marin, Cheech.
This Old Man Styx 1976 Written by DeYoung, Dennis.
Same Old Lover Man Jennings, Waylon 1972 Written by Lightfoot, Gordon.
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