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Artist Song Year Notes
Chamillionaire Featuring Natalie Think I'm Crazy 2005
Clivilles & Cole AKA C+C Music Factory Pride (In The Name Of Love) 1991 Written by Clayton, Adam & Evans, David & Hewson, Paul & Mullen, Larry.
Cole, Cozy Topsy I (Instrumental) 1958
Cole, Cozy Topsy II (Instrumental) 1958
Cole, Cozy Turvy II (Instrumental) 1958
Cole, Holly Onion Girl (Live) 1999 Written by Harding, L & Hull, J.
Cole, Holly Trio Christmas Blues 1995
Cole, Holly Trio Don't Smoke In Bed 1993 Written by Robison.
Cole, Jude Baby, It's Tonight 1990
Cole, Jude Compared To Nothing 1990
Cole, Jude Hallowed Ground 1990
Cole, Jude Heart Of Blues 1990
Cole, Jude House Full Of Reasons 1990
Cole, Jude Prove Me Wrong 1990
Cole, Jude Time For Letting Go 1990
Cole, Keyshia (I Just Want It) To Be Over 2005
Cole, Keyshia I Changed My Mind 2004
Cole, Keyshia I Should Have Cheated 2005
Cole, Keyshia Love 2005
Cole, Keyshia Featuring Chink Santana Situations 2005
Cole, Keyshia Featuring Eve Never (From "Barbershop 2: Back In Business") 2004
Cole, Keyshia Featuring Jadakiss Guess What 2005
Cole, Keyshia Featuring Metro City Superstar 2005
Cole, King Trio (Cole, Nat King) All For You 1943
Cole, Nat King (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 1943 Written by Troup, Bobby.
Cole, Nat King (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons 1946 Written by Watson, D & Best, W.
Cole, Nat King (Song Of) Raintree County (From "Raintree County") 1957
Cole, Nat King Almost Like Being In Love 1953 Written by Lerner, Alan Jay & Loewe, Frederick.
Cole, Nat King Angel Smile 1958
Cole, Nat King Answer Me, My Love 1954 Written by Winkler & Rausch & Sigman.
Cole, Nat King Ask Me 1956
Cole, Nat King Ballerina 1957
Cole, Nat King Blossom Fell 1955 Written by Barnes & Cornelius & John.
Cole, Nat King Christmas Song 1946 Written by Wells, Robert & Torme, Mel.
Cole, Nat King Christmas Song (Rerecorded) 1960 Written by Wells, Robert & Torme, Mel.
Cole, Nat King Come Closer To Me (Acercate Mas) 1958
Cole, Nat King Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup 1955 Written by Sosenko, Anna.
Cole, Nat King Dear Lonely Hearts 1962
Cole, Nat King Forgive My Heart 1955
Cole, Nat King Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 1963
Cole, Nat King I Don't Want To Be Hurt Anymore 1964
Cole, Nat King I Don't Want To See Tomorrow 1964
Cole, Nat King Looking Back 1958 Written by Otis & Benton & Hendricks.
Cole, Nat King Mona Lisa 1950 Written by Livingston, J & Evans, R.
Cole, Nat King My One Sin 1955
Cole, Nat King Nature Boy 1948 Written by Ahbez, Eden.
Cole, Nat King Night Lights 1956
Cole, Nat King Orange Colored Sky 1950 Written by DeLugg, M & Stein, W.
Cole, Nat King Pretend 1953 Written by Douglas & Parman & Lavere & Belloc.
Cole, Nat King Ramblin' Rose 1962 Written by Sherman, J & Sherman, N.
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