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Song Artist Year Notes
Changes Bowie, David 1972
Changes Cale, JJ 1972 Written by Cale, JJ.
Changes Chapin, Harry 1973 Written by Chapin, Harry.
Changes Moby Grape 1967 Written by Miller, Jerry & Stevenson, Don.
Changes Newton-John, Olivia 1974
Changes Tesla 1986 Written by Hannon, Frank & Keith, Jeff & Luccketta, Troy & Skeoch, Tommy & Wheat, Brian.
Changes Thornley (Thornley, Ian Of Big Wreck) 2009
Changes Whiteman, Paul & His Orchestra (Crosby, Bing & Fulton, Jack & Young, Austin & Gaylord, Charles) 1928
Changes Yes 1983 Written by Rabin, Trevor & Anderson, Jon & White, Alan.
Changes Zombies 1968 Written by White, Chris.
Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes Buffett, Jimmy 1977 Written by Buffett, Jimmy.
Changes (Previously Unreleased) 2Pac 1998
Changes Are No Good Stills 2003
Changes Have Begun Stories 1973 Written by Love, Steve.
Changes IV Stevens, Cat 1971 Written by Stevens, Cat.
And The Mood Changes Sandbox (Smith, Mike AKA Bubbles) 1995 "Bubbles" from "Trailer Park Boys". Written by Murray, Paul & MacFarlane, Scott & Shanks, Troy & Smith, Mike & Archibald, Jason.
Autumn Changes Wylde, Zakk 2016
Chump Changes Henrys 1996
Everybody Changes Underwater Minogue, Dannii 1997
Everything Changes Staind 2005
Everything Changes Sweet, Matthew 1995
Everything Changes Take That 1993
Everything Changes Troccoli, Kathy 1992
Fast Changes Seal 1994
Going Through Changes Eminem 2010
Gonna Be Some Changes Made Hornsby, Bruce 2004
I'm Changing All Those Changes Holly, Buddy (Crickets)
Love Changes Foxx, Jamie Featuring Blige, Mary J 2005
Love Changes (Everything) Climie Fisher 1988
Love Changes Everything Honeymoon Suite 1988 Written by Dee, Johnny.
Love Changes Everything Lines, Aaron 2001
Love Changes Everything Zamfir 1991
Money Changes Everything Lauper, Cyndi 1983
Money Changes Everything (Rerecorded) Lauper, Cyndi Featuring Lazzara, Adam (Taking Back Sunday) 2005
New Set Of Changes Stonebolt 1980
Night Changes One Direction 2014
Nothing Changes Expression 1984 Written by Haran, Tom.
Nothing Changes Headstones 2002
Nothing Ever Changes Lewis, Donna 1996 Written by Lewis, Donna.
Nothing Really Changes Norman, Larry (People) 1969
She Changes Like The Weather Armstrong, Nic & The Thieves 2004 Written by Armstrong, Nic.
Something In This City Changes People Chicago 1973 Written by Lamm, Robert.
Sometimes A Mind Changes Hall, Daryl & Oates, John (Hall & Oates) 1990
Strange Changes De Paul, Lynsey 1981 Written by De Paul, Lynsey & Shifrin, Sue.
That Changes Everything Currington, Billy 2005
That Changes Everything Mahood, Beverley 2004
There'll Be Some Changes Made Washington, Dinah 1955 Written by Higgins, Billy & Overstreet, W Benton.
This Changes Everything Dead Sara 2008
Time Changes Everything Wills, Bob & His Texas Playboys
Wheel Of Changes Wind In The Willows (Harry, Deborah Of Blondie) 1968
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